It has been a long and exciting path to get to where we are now. Having filmed content all around Australia and all around the world. Elsewhere Productions Films have featured on television networks such as National Geographic, Channel 7, ABC, Travel Channel, The Australia Network and TLC. We have produced films for clients suchĀ as South African Tourism, Hawaii Tourism, Lion Nathan, IKEA, GPT and even my cousins wedding šŸ™‚

Train travelling lens flarePRESENTING: Tim Charody, our talented host has become one of the countries leading authorities on travel, hosting most of our travel productions on National Geographic, Nine, ABC and Travel Channel, as well as guest appearancesĀ on a variety of outlets such as Getaway, Nine MSN, Huffington Post, Nova FM and many more. Not only does Tim provide, a relaxed, intelligent, likeable face to any film production but he alsoĀ provides top-level voice over work and isĀ a fantastic brand ambassador.

See Tim’s reel here: