Boat & Bike Croatia with UTracks

A film I shot, produced and presented in 2017 in Croatia for UTracks Travel. The bluest water I ever did see!

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Tim Charody

Hi I’m Tim and I’m a travel addict. From the moment I could throw one brain receptor at another in a pattern that didn’t mean milk or dirty nappies, this addiction has ruled my life. Traveling is all I can remember really wanting to do. Lucky for me however, I have managed to carve a pretty good life out of my travel obsession, transforming from a shaggy-haired travel bum into a shaggy haired travel bum with a purpose! As a nomadic TV Presenter and cameradude, my adventures have been aired all over the world on Travel Channel Europe, The Australia Network, ABC1, TLC and National Geographic Adventure. I’ve filmed and presented on every continent on earth except that big cold one we’re sitting on. There really isn’t anything I love doing more than taking my viewers on an adventure of a lifetime through some fascinating far-flung land and hopefully inspiring them to follow in my footsteps themselves one day!

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